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Pinned topic How to add Rich Ui using Web exeperience Factory

‏2013-08-02T13:58:15Z | exeperience factory web

Hi All

How to design the UI in Web expereince factory ?

I am trying to develop a registration form in my project using  web experience factory.  In below attached model  i have  one form to place an Order . The attached model  downloaded from  wiki. by seeing this i want to design my registration from like that . but i am unable to design .  when  I debug the model,

i found  the html page in this location "/samples/gettingstarted_customized/pages/SalesOrderConsumerDSUICreate.html".  After observing the html code i came to Know that  the html code is tool genearted code.

can any  one help me in designing the rich ui and suggest the best way?

Thanks In Advance