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Hello Everyone - 

I am using the Salesforce enterprise WSDL to login to my organization, use that sessionId returned to subsequently call a custom API written by one of our developers. 

This process was working great for about a month, but over the weekend our sandboxes for Salesforce were updated to Summer 2013 version, and now I am getting an error when trying to run the custom API 

The error is "Exception while processing web service activity.  Error message: null.  Caused by: null "

(*helpful I know....) I understand some where I am passing a null value, but I do not see where, especially since the orchestration was working fine when we were using Salesforce Spring 2013

Has any one else encountered this problem with the new update? I am using version

Thanks in advance for your help. 


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    Re: Salesforce API no longer working



    My opinion is that version is not fully compatible and supported with the newer release of Salesforce you company is using.

    You could either log a PMR to IBM for them to help you out or the fastest way to resolve this provided you've license would be probably direct upgrade to version 6.x. It's not odd to see the code breaking with newer release of SFDC because CI v5.0.x was never intend to support it. There might be some changes at the SOAP API on Salesforce where CI v5.0.x wasn't able to adapt to.



    •The SFDC Connector for CI 6.1.x now supports the version 22 WSDL -> Summer '11: Version 22.0
    •The connector for CI 6.3.x now supports version 26.0 of SOAP (Web Service) API -> Winter '12: Version 26.0