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Pinned topic Using ObjectQuery API with remote datagrid

‏2013-05-08T13:58:06Z | objectquery


I am attempting to use ObjectQuery API within my client application to run a query on data stored in a remote grid (simple data grid on XC10 appliance).

I have created the ObjectMap schema using the ObjectGrid descriptor XML on the client side . I have however also tried to use a map with pessimistic lock strategy and with near cache disabled.

The exception produced is: '' indicating that the Map reference in my query is not found ' CWXQY1262E: ObjectMap Order at line 1, column 25 not found.'

When trying to define the querySchema programmatically I was faced with 'java.lang.IllegalStateException: Past the ObjectGrid initialization state.'

Is the ObjectQuery API known to not work with remote  (XC10) data grid or  is there a possiblitly that my implementation is flawed?

I am using WXS Client ( and XC10 firmware

Urgently awaiting any helpful information on this.

PS. I have posted a similar message on the XC10 forum but it seems to be inactive. The last reply anybody received was 25 Feb 2013.

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    Re: Using ObjectQuery API with remote datagrid


    I do not believe ObjectQuery is available on XC10 at this time.