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i would like to know if someone has experience with the least connections balancing algorithm with a Datapower XI50.
More specifically my question is the behaviour after one of the LB Group's server manteinance:
Assuming we have 3 server, each one with about 30000 active connections. I remove a server from the LB Group for manteinance purpose. Assuming also that during this period each of the active server has about 50000 active connections. When i put back the server in the LB Group the Datapower recognize that this server has no active connections so it'll send massively all the new connections to this server. The risk is that a huge amount of connections arrives at the same time causing an overcharge of this server.
Is this the default behaviour of the LB algorithm? Or the Datapower use a ramp-like increment of the connections of the newly added server?
Sorry for my poor English and thanks in advance for any useful answer.