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Hi everyone,


I have a problem that's been stumping me for the past few days now and I was wondering if anyone here can point me in the right direction. I'm trying to deploy an application built by development team in WebSphere Liberty 8.5.5. I've configured the server.xml to the best of my ability and deployed the WAR. The application uses the DefaultWASUsernameAndGroupsExtractor class from spring-security, which does -

            ic = new InitialContext();
            Object objRef = ic.lookup(USER_REGISTRY);

where USER_REGISTRY is set to the value "UserRegistry". This is inside spring code and I can't change it without a good deal of customization.

My question is, what are the possible reasons why a JNDI lookup of "UserRegistry" would fail? I've tried several configurations with BasicRegistry and LdapRegistry and none of them cause this lookup to succeed. 


Also, there doesn't seem to be anything relevant in the logs. Are there any logging switches I can enable to discover more information about why the UserRegistry is not available through JNDI?

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    Re: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: UserRegistry


    In the Liberty profile the UserRegistry is not available in JNDI namespace. There is an API that can be used to get hold of it in its place. I don't know if this can be integrated with the DefaultWASUsernameAndGroupsExtractor.