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Pinned topic Using Tapes in an MVS DB2 V9 Load

‏2013-12-17T17:42:35Z | load sortwork tapes


   I am attempting to process a load in DB2 using tapes and not DASD for a certain process we have.  I want to use tapes for the Sort Work area in the JCK but I continually recieve abends when attempt to perform this.  Is it possible to use tape and not DASD for this process, I can use tapes for all other datasets except for the SORTWKxx or the SWxxWKxx ddnames.  Is it possible to do this, if so can some one let me know what the JCL should look like because I can not figure it out.  

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Greg Walker -Manager of the DBAs

State of Maryland