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‏2014-01-31T13:40:39Z | database poll

Hi Everyone!!

I have one orchestraction with one "Pick Activity" with "Get Inserted Rows" and "Get Updated Rows" both have the Delivery Rules set as:

 Poll changes every 30 secodns

5 rows per Poll

5 rows into each message

Deliver Messages: At least once

As you can see on the attach.

On WMC the Orchestration works fine but its delivers execute one poll for time.

i. e.: I made some updates and Inserts on the table and my Buffer table has ~12 updated rows to be processed and ~inserted rows to be processed

So I guess the Orchestration when he polls the database will start 3 jobs for updated rows (2 with 5 rows to process, the last with 2 rows to be processed) and start 2 jobs for inserted rows(1 wth 5 rows and other with 2 rows).

that won't happens on WMC each 30 seconds is started one Job with 5 rows processed.

How to I Configure the orchestration to execute like this?