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What will define your future career path? What milestones will let you stand out from the crowd? 

IBM developerWorks invites you to jump-start your career and show the world that you are in a different league, one of India's top IT Professionals, by accepting the challenge of the IBM Developer SuperStar Contest. You'll develop your own idea into a working reality and be acknowledged by IBM, a company that constantly defines the benchmark for innovation. Whether you're developing a new system that includes mechanical, electrical, and software components, or you're focused on the design and delivery of a software system to automate a business process, you'll have a chance to take center stage and demonstrate how an idea can make a difference.

As you develop your idea, you'll become empowered with IBM Software learning. You'll have the chance to get certified in IBM Software and win exciting prizes. You may even gain recognition by the technical community and be known as a world-class IT Subject Matter Expert.