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Pinned topic Plz Help on SAP Flow

‏2013-04-16T18:57:05Z | pub sap sub v8 wmb


i have an existing flow SAP flow which is point to point in message flow (3 different flows) , where RFC module will send the data to Broker , using SAP input node and it is mapping to desired format (using mapping node) and output goes to MQoutput node. 
now i have modify the flow into one(merge the 3 flows to one), depending on some specific values in RFC date that is going to broker, i have map the values and sent it to different respective MQoutput node (queue) from p2p to one to many depending on the values filter. 
how can i achive this scenario ? is pub-sub is the only way to do this or can use some other approach as well, Plz reply