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‏2013-09-04T02:39:34Z | dsc dynamic rpe


I have a template which contains a dynamic data source.

In the assocaited spec the data source is shown as undefined - which is correct as the data source is configured dynamically at run time

When I generate the doc, I get a message saying:

"Not all Data sources are configured. Do you want to continue?"

Is there a way to suppress this message for dynamic data sources

  • wernerK
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    Re: RPE - Dynamic dat sources


    Hi Chris -

    in short, not sure, but, from I gather is that when you run the template from within the Launcher or Studio it does show this message. Once you run the template from within DOORS  - or may be other apps too, but I don't know about them,  - then it does not display this dialog.

    So you say you generate the doc, I assumed you are generating it from within the Launcher or Studio.