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Pinned topic test "unconfigured bad/good drive" or add it back to diskgroup.

‏2014-04-02T14:59:19Z |

Config :
IBM server with ServeRAID MR10i SAS/SATA controller
2 diskgroups in RAID5 of 3+1 disks (3disks in raid 5 and one hotspare)
Megaraid Storage Manager

On a checkup of my server, i saw one disk with an orange light. So i started the megaraid storage manager, to see what was wrong.
On the dashboard a saw a yellow exlamationmark stating there was a problem.  On my first diskgroup, the drive on slot 0 was marked as "unconfigured - bad".

I had not many option when i right-clicked the drive, so i clicked on "mark as unconfigured - good".  The yellow exlamationmark dissapeard and my dashboard turned green again.

So i don't know if my disk is BAD or it can be used again.
I have no option to test this specific disk of no option to add it as a spare.

What is the best option ?
Replace the disk, and do i have the option then to add it as spare ?