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Pinned topic IEM Console and Admin Tool not opening

‏2014-03-20T11:11:01Z |

Hi Team,

We are unable to open IBM Endpoint Manager console it shows the error  SignedDataVerificationFailure in data type 'USERINFO' object '3' attribute 'lastLoginTime' The error comes every week. We resolve it using following resolution provided by IBM :

In this we run the following command : C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\BESAdmin.exe /resignSecurityData 

This resolves the problem for time being. Kindly help me how to resolve this problem permanently. Also please help me to find the Root cause of this issue.

Currently I am using 9.0.787 Version. In the changelist no bug is hitting named SignedDataVerificationFailure

  • martinc
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    Re: IEM Console and Admin Tool not opening


    I recall seeing the similar error but the fix you listed fixed it permanently. Did you happen to enable the debug logging as suggested in that link (I am not sure if that is where you got that full message from)?

    Also when you log in, is it with a local (defined in IEM) or AD account?



  • swap-techsa
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    Re: IEM Console and Admin Tool not opening


    The Full Message error is retrieved from  BESRelay.log ...We have logged in through Domain Admin User..