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Pinned topic Restrict View creation

‏2018-01-03T20:56:10Z | views

Is it possible to default the creation of new views to Private? We don't want to prevent users from creating views but we also want the public view list to remain uncluttered and only contain the views created by the admin team. I am guessing that most of my users aren't actually looking at the selection for access type when they create a new view so forcing that option to private every time should resolve this issue for us.


It would also be handy, if it's possible, to prevent users who do not have admin rights on a module from being able to create public views at all. Alternatively it would be acceptable to default the creation of a public view to include the admin team with full access (we have a user group set-up for admins) so that the admins could periodically clean up the view list by changing the "everyone else" access for such views down to "none" instead of "R".


I'm hoping there's some settings that can be changed at the project level, even if it requires the Administrator account to do it. We have a ton of modules so manually running a dxl script on each module every so often is really not practical. Maybe a trigger could be installed on each module to apply these changes if there isn't a setting that can be applied? This would still be time consuming but at least it would only need to be done once per module.