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Hi All,

I have a doubt the time I download the DB2 Express-C version, as you can see, there are 4 options for downloading, can anyone elaborate what's the functionality for each option, is downloading the option 3 is enough?



(313 MB)

(404 MB)

(68 MB)

I am a biginer for DB2.




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    Re: DB2 Express-C downloading doubt



    1. "DB2 Express-C light" and "DB2 Express-C" are the installation packages for DB2.  The "light" version does not include some additional features, as mentioned in the description.
    2. "Data Studio Administration Client" is the GUI tool one uses to administer DB2 instances and databases.
    3. "DB2 add-ins for Visual Studio" are additional packages you would install if you were developing .NET applications which use DB2.


    For working with DB2 you only really need one of the packages from 1), but you will have to use command line tools, which is not a bad way to learn how to use them ;)  

    If you want the administrative GUI tools, install 2) in addition to one of the packages from 1).  

    If you are developing .NET applications, you will need 1) and 3), and possibly 2) - not sure about this.

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