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Is there a way to center the entire view and form without creating a HTML template to do so.  I have a view and form with just a few fields on it but I want those fields and their column headings centered in the middle of my page. Is there an easy way to center all contents of the view and form?

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    Re: Centering an entire view and form



    If you need to change the structure of the html that's generated, then you might need to create a new html template or use something like HTML Data Layout or Data Layout with a layout template.

    If you just want to change to a different ootb structure (eg, label above) then you may be able to just pick a different pre-existing template (eg, label above).

    If you just need to tweak size/positioning on the page, then typically you would do that with CSS styles,  in which case you could specify a different / custom stylesheet (a) via Theme,  (b) via V&F  stylesheet override in the buidler itself or (c) via a stylesheet builder that overrides the styles V&F uses by default.

    Try a right-click inspect element on the element(s) you want to reposition/resize,  in Firebug or Chrome (or use IE F12 Dev tools) to see what CSS styles are controlling the current positioning of the element(s) you want to alter  (in Chrome/Firebug at least,  I'm able to try different style values in place in that debugger to see how they affect the posiitoining - not sure if IE dev tools allows that or not)) so you'll know what styles you might want to tweak / add / override.



    I hope that info helps,
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