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Pinned topic Virtrual MDM WebServices Java Example

‏2014-02-11T12:58:15Z | mdm-migration


I'm trying to run the example to retrieve data from an IDS segcode PERNAME (part of the Party workbench template). I've followed these steps:

1. I installed Axis 1.6.2 and added libraries to CLASSPATH
1a. Copied the Client WS classes in com.initiate.bean from the 
ibminitiatews.war file in the MDM\mds\lib\sdk directory to my WebServices\src directory 

2. Generated the stubs using wsdl2java 
3. Compiled the stubs and copied to my WebServices directory 
4. Copied the example java code to my WebServices\src directory 
5. Updated and complied it 
6. Deployed the template Party model to my server 
7. Ran exMemGetIds to retrieve some data from the PERNAME segment 

The error I get is: org.xml.sax.SAXException: Could not set Class com.initiate.bean.MemIdsWs Field segCode to value PERNAME - Exception MemIdsWs ERROR Bad Request object: Invalid SegCode = PERNAME

It's definitely a client side issue. If I send a SOAP XML message to the server it can retrieve the PERNAME segcode data ok.

Has anybody implemented these ok in v11?

Many Thanks,