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‏2013-09-12T14:58:39Z | xiv

We have the following N-Series machine providing NFS access for build machines to the XIV storage.

XIV Gen 2  
2812 - A14, SN 7805244
GUI 4.1
Firmware 10.2.4.e

N-Series  N6240  2858-C21 SN 13A4520   
Release 8.1.2RC2 7-Mode

Sometimes we need to change the file permissions on thousands of files in a directory tree.  Is it possible to have another machine, like an AIX or Linux machine, have access to the same XIV filesystems without having to go through the NFS access via the N-Series?

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    Re: Direct XIV Access


    To have two or more machines directly accessing the same filesystem, you need a distributed filesystem like GPFS.