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Pinned topic DB2 non-root install db2rfe command does not set service name

‏2013-08-22T11:27:23Z | db2rfe non-root svcename


I am doing an install of DB2 v10.1fp2_linuxx64_wser.tar.gz WSE as non-root.

When I complete the install I wish to enable some root features as non-root. I want to enable server authentication and The ability to reserve service names in the /etc/services file.

The server authentication part works ok. 
The second part, The ability to reserve service names in the /etc/services file, doesnt work as I expect. 

Am I correct in saying this should 

i) populate the SVCENAME in the dbm cfg

ii) add the SVCENAME and port to the /etc/services file? eg db2c_db2inst1   50000/tcp

If that is the case, then why does this not work for me? I use the following CFG file 


#** Configuration file for db2rfe of IBM DB2
#** -----------------------------------------------
#** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#** Enable DB2 High Availability (HA) feature
#** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#** ENABLE DB2 Authentication on the server using local operating system security.
#** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#** --------------------------------------------
#** Reserve DB2 remote connection service entry
#** --------------------------------------------
#** --------------------------------------
#** Reserve DB2 text search service entry
#** --------------------------------------



and get teh following error :

   cat /tmp/db2rfe.log.20990
DBI1213I Root feature OS_AUTHENTICATION has been enabled successfully.

DBI1640W The specified instance is not a server instance.


Some of the DB2 components can only be configured for DB2 server

User response:

* If the specified instance is a client instance and DB2 server product
is installed, run db2iupdt to update the client instance to a server
* If the specified instance is a Data Link Administration Server, exit
the installer and set up the instance from the command line, if you
wish to do so.

DBI1079I Output is saved in the log file /tmp/db2rfe.log.20990.


All processed and failed operations have been saved into this log file.

User response:

Do not modify this file in any way. This file is for IBM Technical
Support reference.

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    Re: DB2 non-root install db2rfe command does not set service name



    Does anyone have an answer as to why I cannot enable the ability to reserve service names in the /etc/services file using db2rfe command?