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In today's world, it seems as if everything is happening in a hurry. From the gadgets niche, to the fashion niche and as this is happening, the marketing strategies are also upgrading. In other to fit into the changing world, you need to be able to adapt to the changing time.

For instance, in the early '90s, many business firms were making much profit by doing offline advertisement (newspapers, magazines, billboards, posters, etc) and use of the media houses like the TV channels and radio channels. But now, it's not really like that, many people now prefer to spend funds in advertising their businesses online more than they do offline.

That's the reason you'll see many ad networks like Google Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks, NG Ads and many of them. If you visit the online forums, social networks, blogs, and websites or even make use of some apps, you'll see many sponsored adverts by companies.

It doesn't necessarily mean that your company or organization needs to be fully based online before you can run online ads on it, many companies like Pepsi® and Coca Cola® run sponsored adverts without being based online.

It's only necessary to have a social media handle (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) and an official website in order to reach your customers and clients easily.

As we go through this article, I'll be presenting the latest marketing strategies that you need to utilize as a business owner in order to be successful and beat other competitors in your niche.

What Are The Latest Trends In Marketing?

We believe that by learning and adapting to the latest marketing strategies, you'll gainauthority over your competitors and drive more clients to your business. You need to be able to predict the future, be wise and utilize the social media platforms and other strategies that are available to us.

Increased focus on customer experience

Ability to understand your customers' and clients' experiences will in no small way help you to serve them better. This applies to both the potential customers and the available ones. If you serve someone as expected, he'll surely come back again and in addition, tell people about you. 

Try as much as possible to collect feedbacks, and ratings. Also remember to ask them how they felt about your services and how they think you should improve in it. 

Customer marketing is the heart of the marketing of every business, and if you put it into consideration, you'll have a series of recurring clients. 

Optimize outreach on different mediums

There are many available mediums that can help you generate sales to your businesses. There is a term I want to introduce 'Owned vs. Rented land'. 

Owned land simply means a land that you own while rented land can be said to mean one that you don't really own, but you pay a due to temporarily own it for a certain period of time. By renting a place, you are usually made to agree to a certain terms and conditions which you must keep in other for the landlord to keep his contract. 

Now bringing it to business, advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc can be considered a rented advert because you don't fully have control over your adverts, or control the outcome. This also applies to other Ad networks. Whereas, blogging and advertising on your blog can be considered as owned because you have full control over what you post, and can also control the audience and outcome. 


It's very essential as a marketer that you make use of different mediums for your advertisements for the best outcome. Aside your blog and official websites, it's also important you include multiple marketing mediums to run your businesses.  


Some suggested mediums include: 


Facebook groups, Facebook ads, browser notifications, e-mail notifications (through subscribers), SMS notification, and organic searches (through your blog). 

Make use of marketing bots

A bot, according to Wikipedia is software that runs automated tasks. Bots can be used to perform different tasks, starting from the simple ones to the complicated ones. 

As a marketer, you can make use of bots to run a series of tasks ranging from writing blog posts, to sending regular and periodical emails, and even to graphics creations. 

The use of bots will in no little way, help you to run your business and I advise you start using it if you haven't yet. 

Other basic marketing skills you should start applying include: 

If you have a blog or social media handles for your business, update them regularly with the best available contents. This is so that when people come to see the quality posts, they'll also be forced to see the advertisements. Nobody just comes to view ads; you need to put something he or she likes. 

You should be wise enough to tap into your customers' available network opportunities.

Try as much as possible to customize one-to-one marketing communications. Try serving every client to his personal taste.

Finally, engage in right-time-marketing instead ofreal-time-marketing. There is always a right time to run a particular business, try advertising your business in such a time, it'll surely help you.