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Pinned topic MQ PCF command for channel connection count

‏2019-08-30T15:07:30Z | mq8

Hi Team,


Can someone help me with ibmConstant and ibmCommand PCF command for checking each active channel instance count on the queue manager? Basically i want to find the number of instance running for each channel)CVRCONN, SD,R, RVCR....) connection using PCF.






  • MoragH
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    Re: MQ PCF command for channel connection count


    To discover the running instances of channels, you need to be using the Inquire Channel Status (MQCMD_INQUIRE_CHANNEL_STATUS) PCF command.

    The responses to this command will be one message for each active running channel instance. If you view Channel Status using MQSC you would get one response per channel instance - the PCF command is just the same in that regard.

    To see the pieces of information that form each response, review this page in Knowledge Center.

    If you just want to find the number of running instances, you simply need to count the number of responses.