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Pinned topic Virtualize DS5100 with V7000

‏2014-05-01T17:28:52Z | ds5100 v7000


I'm planning to virtualize then migrate later  data from DS5100 to V7000

Actually here are the steps:

1/ Change zoning to add zone (host V7K and V7K DS5100)

2/ identify each host with mapped lun's and associated UUID

3/ Stop hosts and install new multipathing sw*

4/ Change mapping in Storage manager (unmap from old hosts and map to  new V7000 host group made using 4 wwpn's of each node)

5/ create host group on V7K

6/ Import lun/mdisk as image mode and map them in V7K GUI

7/ power on server and check


Can someone confirm or correct thoose steps?

Also I have different kinds of host!

Windows 2012 with DS5K mpio on which I will install SDDDSM

Aix with native mpio ( should I install another kind of multipathing sw)


Thanks for any help

  • AndersLorensen
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    Re: Virtualize DS5100 with V7000


    Looks right except 5/.


    Storwize dont have host Groups. If you have alot of hosts that needs the same mappings, you can make one, then import/duplicate them to another host object.