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Pinned topic Export the Icap application to a deployable war with commands guidline

‏2013-08-22T07:00:39Z |

Here is the detailed steps about how to export the Icap application to a deployable war with deployment commands guidline:

1. Select the Icap project and rt. click to open the context menu and then click the Export menu. Select "Icap Java WAR file" item under the Icap java category in the export wizard window.

2. Select a valid WAR export path by clicking the export... button. The deployment commands guideline file location will be automatically generated based on the WAR file path.

3. If the application need bind related services, all the local services will be listed in the table viewer, you need to confirm the binding cloud service name and concreted type for each one.

4. Everything is ready, then click the finish button. The WAR file and the corresponding deployment command guideline are exported in the specified locations. The guideline file will provide very detailed commands for you to step by step to finish the Icap application deployment work.


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