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Pinned topic MSCS w2k3 Cluster Migration from DS3400 to V7000

‏2013-10-24T10:36:21Z | ds3400 migration mscs v7000


I have a setup with the following config:

Bladecenter H with 7 of the blades (HS22) accessing a DS3400

3 of the HS22 are running V hpere Esx 5 with HA

2  of the HS22 are running RedHat 5.9 with Oracle 11g clustered

2 of the HS22 are running Windows 2k3 R2 with Microsoft Cluster (Oracle 10g active-passive & SAP)

I need to migrate the LUNs  of the Win2k3 Cluster to a new V7000.

Currently I have installed SDDDSM on the two cluster servers , I  tested multipathing  and created a test LUN and every thing seems to work fine. 



1. Is it possible to engage-insert  the V7000 only for the Cluster LUNs and leave the other hosts' Luns provisioned to the Hosts from the DS3400, or I have to redirect all the Luns to the V7000 and then provision all Luns to the appropriate   Hosts from the V7000.

2. Migration Wizard does not support Cluster.  Is there any documentation - how to do this manualy ? 

Thanassis Kappas

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