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Pinned topic MYSQL beta agent not reporting data in teps

‏2014-07-01T15:54:16Z |


we added the support files in tems and teps server

Tems: se   Monitoring Agent for MySQL                                tms   201402281735    20140616 0245

Agent reports in tems :

root@sactte02:/opt/IBM/ITM/bin> tacmd listsystems | grep -i rcolnx89114

rcolnx89114:rcolnx89114:SE       SE  Y

rcolnx89114:LZ                   LZ  Y

adding teps support file :,am not  sure to adding teps browser and client will  have 2 steps ?

F:\itm_code\MonitoringAgentforMySQL>installIraAgentTEPS.bat C:\IBM\ITM

Online help for this agent will not be available until the Help Server is restar

ted, which also requires restarting the TEPS.

Install of KSE TEPS Support successful.

Please help us to fix the issues



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    Re: MYSQL beta agent not reporting data in teps


    The beta for MySQL agent support of ITM has been closed down. There are no plans to make this support generally available.