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Pinned topic KeyMgtGetNextValue returning duplicate keys

‏2013-05-03T15:12:05Z |


DataStage® Release: 8x
Job Type: Server
OS: Windows
This is a strange one. 
We are using KeyMgtGetNextValue routine to assign surrogate keys when inserting records to the warehouse tables. Load runs fine for days and months and out of the blue, the load aborts with 'cannot insert duplicate key' errors. 

So, for example, if a table that is loaded everyday with a few rows, has the last ID used as 180 and today if the load starts pushing out id's of 130, 131 instead of values > 180, what are all the possible reasons and where should I be looking for some traceability on why these sequences got reset back to 130. 

I can think of two possibilities: 
1) The SDKSequences file has been compromised or corrupted or messed with 
2) Someone or some process ran the UDATE SDKSequences on this one surrogate key to set it back to 130 

Any other possibilities that you guys can think of? thanks in advance..