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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if any of you could offer any assistance. I have been given a project a work and being new to cognos I have hit a technical difficulty.

Basically what i have done is created a Excel spreadsheets listing all the datasources we have and all the parramiters listed within each cognos datasource, I.e- The connection type, a standardised test report- the success of this or failure in which case he failure reason. Also depending on the connection type the connection properties. As you are all probably aware there is alot of different connection types that can be used within cognos.

Last month I had to decommission a certain companies datasource from our system, not only did i need to decomission this our end but i had to find out how to delete its contents from the system on a multi server environment. This percific datasource was connected through oracle and so i deleted the contects from within the tnsnames.ora file. My issue now is not only do i not remember how to locate the tnsnames.ora file but also i dont know how to find out this information for my other connection types. I.e- Teradata, poc, sap, xml, ibm power cube etc.

 I need to know where within the system the configuration files will be kept for these items and what exactly the configuration types are, im sure teradata is odbc but i just dont know how to locate the file to delete it when it comes to decomissioning. any help would be appriciated.


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    Re: Data Sources


    Sounds like quite a job! I'm not sure about all of the various connection types, since I haven't used them.

    Rather than starting with the TNSnames files, ODBC definitions, etc. I would first delete those data source definitions in the Cognos Admin portal. Once those are gone, even if someone has access to the other elements they will not be able to use the Cognos tools to report.

    Then you'll have to poke around. TNSnames you can search for. ODBC is in the Control Panel on Windows machines. Not sure where/how they are defined in other environments.

    Good luck,