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I have finally managed to get a non root user install of JazzSM running connecting to an existing DB2 10 installation Instance..  However, the DB2 Registry Database is NOT where we would like it to be since it uses default paths under the installation process.

So, I would like to drop and recreate the database utilizing our standard paths...

Can I just drop the database, recreate it using the frsDb2setup.ksh script?? I notice that there is data in some of the tables.  Is this loaded somehow as default settings?  or can I drop, recreate, and when I restart JazzSM it will automatically reload the tables??

Should I go this route?? Look at backup/restore?? Some other option??

I'm not really digging this DB2 piece.  I don't understand why we can't just build it utilizing the scripts it's clearly using, applying out own paths etc, and just connect to it in the install?


Is it possible to run the frsDb2create script passing in the paths and schema since clearly the script allows that type of execution, and then within the JazzSM install just do a connection to the database?   And since this creation script has the option of passing in a schema, why does the JazzSM install insist on the instance owner id?  Why couldn't I have an instance owner of say db2inst2, and an id of db2jazz, which is the schema id? And then on the install provide the db2jazz id? To an already installed DB2 instance??

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    Re: Registry Services DB2 rebuild


    Dropping the database and recreating it would work, but use "frs install -type db" instead, you need to add these 3 properties to $registry/etc/

    • db.txlog.path

    The first path is for the DB information (in DB2 terms) , the second path is for the DB2 data itself, the third path is for the transaction logs.


    As for the question on the schema, look for these properties:





    I am routing the last round of questions to the team that handles the JazzSM installer UI.