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‏2013-12-23T07:51:56Z | ds3200

my configuration was:
Dual Controller DS3200 + two server with HBA LSI 1068E + MS Win2003 x86 Ent. in Cluster mode + SQL2005 32bit in cluster mode
i had to add some memory to servers, so had to reinstall Win2003 x86 to Win2003 64bit.
Now i could not find for RDAC (Multi-path) for Win2003 х64 !!!
Previously the RDAC (Multi-path) was a part of IBM Storage Manager (attachment 1 and 2). But it's not working on Win2003 64bit.
For Win2003 64bit i have to use IBM Storage Manager 10.86.0305.0028, but there is no RDAC (Multi-path)! (attachment 3)

Please suggest me where to find RDAC (Multi-path) driver for Win2003 64bit.

Thanks in advanced,

 best regards Eugeny.

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    Re: DS3200 MultiPath Driver


    Dear Eugeny,

    read the readme file for IBM Storage Manager 10.86.0305.0028:

    "4. Install the Windows MPIO DSM multipath driver.
       Starting with the Storage Manger version 10.75.xx release, the Microsoft
       multipath driver MPIO DSM was packaged separately from the SMIA installer
       bundle that includes the SMClient, SMUtil and SMAgent. You must use this
       package to install the Microsoft multipath driver MPIO DSM on servers that
       are IO attached to the DS3500/DS3000/4000/5000 subsystems. To install,
       execute the package .exe file and click through the installer wizard."

    It means you can find separate "RDAC" exe package in the same zip file of DS Storage Manager.

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow

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