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after creating components and applications, i created an environment and started the same environment for deployment process.Now deployment done successfully. lets say i performed this in DEV Environment ..since its a successful deployment so now i have taken snapshot of this deployment.

Now i want to use the same snapshot and deploy in QA Environment !

Now the dilemma is, Since some properties like end point URL for services will be different for  DEV and QA ! so if i use the same snapshot created from  DEV for QA , how i can i differentiate the properties like endpoint's etc  between DEV and QA?

Any help will be appreciated !

  • Ashokekumar
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    Re: Regarding SnapShot in Urbancode deploy


    You can include a step to update the property file in your component deployment process, the value for the file can be passed using the Envt. properties.

    For different Envt you set the property value as per your requirement.

    Hope it helps

  • DavidHatten
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    Re: Regarding SnapShot in Urbancode deploy


    So there's a concept called "Component Environment Properties". This allows you to set a property that can have a default value, but gives you the ability to set a property for every component/environment combination. When you go to the environment's configuration page, you'll see an option for "Environment properties". Under that option you'll see all the Component Environment Properties you can set.