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Pinned topic x3400 Driving me nuts!

‏2013-11-02T18:45:38Z |

Hi everyone,

I was given a x3400 (7975) by my work. I am using it for a Media Server, using Open Media Vault. (I know, I know, Debian isn't a supported, but it works well on it!)

Seeing that I have 4 2Tb drives in it and I'm running out of space, I bought a SATA back plate for it, so I can use the other 4 slots. Everything went in fine, but when I powered it up, fan #2 was running at 98%. I swapped the fan with one of the others, as well I reseated the fan chassis, but no luck. I ran DSA and it looked like some of the FW versions were outdated, so I went through and updated the BMC, as well as anything else that I noticed was behind in the versions. Nothing helped.

Finally, I took out the back plate and reinstalled it, (of course, reseating the fan chassis for the dozenth time) and for some reason, it is back at 28%. 

Is there something that I maybe over looking when I am disassembling and reassembling this beast? Also, I ran the DSA after getting it back together. Is there anything that I missed in updating the different FWs?