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Pinned topic CTE - how do I change dynamic view server

‏2013-07-10T19:02:43Z | cte ucm

I was evaluating ClearTeam Explorer (CTE) with dynamic views.

We use UCM with ClearQuest.  I am currently using Windows 7 for this test.

As part of the test, I created a new CM server on a test machine which lacked the resources.

I realized this after configuring the CTE to use the server (http://<server>/TeamWeb/services/Team).

I have since created a new server on a beefier box but I can't seem to repoint the dynamic view to the new server.

As a matter of fact, every dynamic view I bring up tries (and fails) to connect to that defunct server.

These are dynamic views, they should be server independent.

Does anyone have any idea how to change the default server as well as the server associated with those views I have started?

I've looked in the registry as well as my home directory for anything that looks like a configuration setting but no luck.

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    Re: CTE - how do I change dynamic view server


    This turned out to be simple.

    When I changed the server, I forgot to change the url switches via crmregister.

    Once I did that, everything behaved as expected.