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Pinned topic Deliver activity checked out

‏2013-05-22T08:34:44Z |


I want to start a deliver from stream.
I get a popup that some activities has one or more checked out versions.
When I show at the properties (Change Set) of the activity no checkout is displayed.

User of this activity is on vacation and I can't ask him.

How can I find that checkout?

Thanks in advance.


  • jeff98air
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    Re: Deliver activity checked out

    ‏2013-05-28T23:32:25Z  in response to ambry

    You can either look at the change set for each activity on his stream or, what I would do, is use `cleartool lsco -brtype` to list all checkouts on the branch that is associated to his stream.  The branch type is usually the same as the stream name, but doesn't have to be.  So, you can do a `cleartool desc -l stream:stream-name@/pvob` and look at the "Guarding:" line at the bottom of the output to verify the branch name.

    1.  From the CLI, set his view

    2.  cd to the PVOB (so you don't have to keep typing it)

    3.  cleartool desc -l stream:his-stream-name (to verify the brtype)

    4.  cleartool lsco -s -brtype his-branch-name -avobs

    -Jeff Ng

  • Dave-Robinson
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    Re: Deliver activity checked out

    ‏2013-06-01T10:19:00Z  in response to ambry

    Hello Ambry,

    Since you have already identified the activity and examined its change set,  there are two things you can try:

    1. cleartool checkvob -hlink -f activity:..........

    2. ucmutil sync_changeset -fix activity:......

    "ucmutil" is in ClearCase "etc\utils" directory, so you shall probably need to specify the full path


    If you cannot resolve it by those, then you should raise a PMR


    Technote 1125214: "cleartool: Warning: Activity has checkouts"

    Updated on 2013-06-03T00:55:50Z at 2013-06-03T00:55:50Z by Dave-Robinson