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Pinned topic Is there any way to install SUSE via BOOTP?

‏2012-12-10T15:09:55Z |
 Hi guys,
I have an nim master with AIX 6.1 on 9119-FHA, I wanna install SUSE  11 on an LPAR, I tried to copy installation media to an NFS directory. But the LPAR failed to boot it from network.
Here is the bootptab and tftpaccess.ctl file on the nim master: 
#cat /etc/bootptab
When the LPAR was booting from network, it goes an error:
TFTP BOOT ---------------------------------------------------
Server IP.....................
Client IP.....................
Gateway IP....................
Subnet Mask...................
( 1  ) Filename................./install/sles11/suseboot/inst64
TFTP Retries..................5 Block Size....................512 
Elapsed time since release of system processors: 157065 mins 56 secs
SuSE Linux zImage starting: loaded at 04000000-05d0bd30 (0/0/00c3ba70; sp: 01a3ffd0)
initrd CORRUPTION. memory range 045093a6 05cff0b6
Expected md5 8ffbc7a12bbf847ea489e3d836227122
Got md5      8f671da037d6ca03da9364676bccc54b
initrd corrupted
EXIT called ok
0 > 
It seems the problem is the boot image file, but it doesn't solve the issue after I re-copied from source DVD. Can anyone help me please? 
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  • JayFurmanek
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    Re: Is there any way to install SUSE via BOOTP?

     From the SLES 11 SP1 Release Notes:
     Loading the installation kernel via network on POWER
    • With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 the bootfile DVD1/suseboot/inst64 can not be booted directly via network anymore, because its size is larger than 12MB. To load the installation kernel via network, copy the files, yaboot.cnf and inst64 from the DVD1/suseboot directory to the TFTP server. Rename the yaboot.cnf file to yaboot.conf. yaboot can also load config files for specific ethernet MAC addresses. Use a name like yaboot.conf-01-23-45-ab-cd-ef match a MAC address. An example yaboot.conf for TFTP booting looks like this:

        default=sles11  timeout=100
          append="quiet install=nfs://hostname/exported/sles11dir"

      Please note that this will not work on POWER4 systems. Their firmware can only load files up to 12MB via TFTP. 

    So you have to make sure that BOOTP requests the yaboot binary itself first (the config file will come along as well). Yaboot will then grab the initrd, etc that is specified in the config file and you should be good to go.
  • k0da
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    Re: Is there any way to install SUSE via BOOTP?

     It looks like there is a problem to download full inst64 image. I took a look and mine inst64 from SLES11SP2 and file size is 29M.
    Probably you hit 12M OF limit issue. You can check SLES11 release notes. There is a procedure how to install SLES via network.
  • VBBB_WeiRong_Wang
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    Re: Is there any way to install SUSE via BOOTP?

    Well, thank you Jay and k0da, I just replaced inst64 with and it works! :)