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Pinned topic indirect reference picker not working

‏2013-10-02T20:53:09Z | indirect

I'm trying to customize the IndirectJavaExpressions.config file but the designer doesn't pick up on my changes. I've tried closing builder/model/eclipse, but still nothing. I've used this before, so I know it does work.

Maybe I need a newer version of the designer? I have v8.0.0


Thanks. Carl.

  • CarlD
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    Re: indirect reference picker not working


    More information - I just tried this on my linux machine (still v8.0.0) and it works. I duplicated an existing line in the file and gave it a different name - and it shows up in the designer.

  • Michael Burati
    Michael Burati
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    Re: indirect reference picker Java options not configurable


    I have to admit that I had never tried that before (never needed to) myself and had forgotten that was configurable, but trying it just now with WEF it appeared to work for me (I added a RequestInputs2 with a slightly different syntax for the java code, and it showed up in the Java portion of the reference picker for a Text Builder text value picker). 

    Can you be more specific about what you've tried adding and where you're trying to use it, in case there's a more specific issue.


    I hope that info helps,
    ..Mike Burati 
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