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Pinned topic Web Service project fails in WMC

‏2014-02-04T13:29:44Z |


I have created an interface which has Invoke Service Activity (It calls to an external web service method). My orchestration runs absolutely fine in Studio but fails in WMC with error- 

"Error sending SOAP request to location:  Error is:

Encountered fault of type (webservice.invoke.connection), please see rest of the log for more information"


What could be the reason?

  • BharathiManian
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    Re: Web Service project fails in WMC


    I think maybe from the appliance it is unable to connect to the mentioned webservice

  • YPS1_guybrush_guybrush
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    Re: Web Service project fails in WMC


    Have you tried to check whether the appliance is able to route to the server that hosts the web service? Could it be your server resides in internal network and infrastructure team has only allow certain ports on the firewall to go through?