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Pinned topic Cognos CAFE displaying error when starting add-in

‏2013-12-10T16:30:36Z | 10.1.1 2007 cafe cognos excel for office
Cognos for Office and CAFE showing Unable to create specified ActiveX   
control error message shows when trying to start the IBM Cognos add-in  
within Microsoft Excel 2007.                                            
We have the Add-in appearing in the Excel ribbon. However now when we   
click on the button and then following that the IBM Cognos 'plug' icon  
to launch the add-in itself, we see an error message: "Unable to create 
specified ActiveX control." We have both Cognos for Office and Cognos   
CAFE installed on these machines. We are only installing on Microsoft   
Excel 2007 Suite. Everyone is on Windows 7                              
We currently have the following settings in Excel:                      
In the trust center, under ActiveX controls:                            
The radio button, "Prompt me before enabling all controls with minimal  
restrictions" is selected                                               
Under Add-ins:                                                          
None of the check boxes are checked                                     
This is happening on some machines while on others the add-in installs  
and works correctly.

I have attached the error message

Anyone else seen this error?