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Pinned topic Tririga - GWT Scripting Issue

‏2016-09-27T23:04:18Z | and correlation gwt parametrization scripting tririga

Hi. I am working on creating scripts for Tririga application. I am using LoadRunner for this purpose. As Tririga application uses GWT-RPC calls, we have some encrypted content being communicated between Tririga server and browser. We did use the web debuggers and tools but this content is encrypted.

Do we have option in Tririga to enable it to use the JSON or any other readable format rather than GWT-RPC by default. It will enable us to capture the decrypted content and change the data for replay of our scripts as we need.

Help is appreciated.


thank you 

  • RyanKoppelman
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    Re: Tririga - GWT Scripting Issue


    GWT RPC calls shouldn't inherently be encrypted, but they are encoded using GWTs object notation; it should be readable assuming no other encryption is being set over the wire (for example via a web server).