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‏2014-03-07T18:24:15Z | changing data ddl generated model property
Dear Forum,
with DataStudio for DB2 LUW, in database design phase, I usually work in Data Perspective and in "Window  Data Project Explorer -> New Data Design Project -> Data Project Explorer -> Data Model -> new Physical Data Model". Here I define diagrams and design tables and relashionships between them. Finally, I start to generate DDL after connecting to the DB2 LUW server.
I have this problem, if you want to change a property of a table, for instance, you can work graphically in the Diagram or directly in the table properties; in both cases DS generates the DDL using drop-and-recreate-all mode, apparently it does not take advantage of online alter statements.
Due to the fact that we want to maintain aligned the graphical project documentation and the generated DDL we are obliged to drop-recreate in every step of fine modification.
Could anyone kindly confirm me that is normal in DS or provide me suggestions for alternative ways?

Thank you for the cooperation, and regards.



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    Re: Drop and create objects in DS


    Hello C.L

          To generate alter statement, the model need to compare against a target then generate delta ddl, the target would be another model or target database. in this case the delta ddl will generate alter statement for some cases like column add,rename etc.

          But from the glance of the statement you made (I maybe wrong, pls correct me), the process you made is create physical data model -> design the model -> save-> modified the model -> generate ddl. in this case it is a pure model design process and the final model which ddl generated from is the model save in the last time, so there will have new database object created in ddl and if the "Drop statement" in the wizard is selected, drop statement will created in case of database have duplicated object pri exists.