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‏2013-05-07T09:32:43Z | and ddl foreign generation index key

Dear Colleagues

I'm working right now with Datastudio 3.2 as data design tool, and I'm exploring it. So a first question is where to get a practical tutoring note.
Anyway I created a couple tables and a drug-and-drop a relationship type "not-identifying mandatory Foreign Key".
I suppose that the attribute "mandatory" means that the cardinality must not be 0 in the parent side. So I start from here to create a 1 to 1 relashionship.
My expectation was that the flag "enforced" must be set ON and fixed.
It appears to me that:
a) such feature be implemented with NOT NULL in the index creation (right ? only by this way ?)
b) the cardinality value can be changed in the screen properties of the relashion as you like,
c) the DDL script to create table be not impacted by enforced flag and cardinality value.

I believe that Datastudio requires some proper criteria that I'm missing.

Could anyone please give me some support ?