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Pinned topic HostSim not working from HATSAdmin console

‏2013-06-28T16:33:22Z | admin hostsim simulation

I'm running HATS

I need to collect a host simulation trace to document a PMR and for use by another developer.  The trace involves running a macro.  I did a run on server of the application and enabled the host simulation trace via the HATS Admin console (separate HATS Admin application), then started my session.  When I finished my activity I signed off and did a disconnect.  I then went to look for the hostsim file and could not find it.  I reread the HATS InfoCenter and decided to Export and publish the application manually via the WAS Admin console.  I then went to the HATS Admin console selected to record a host simulation file, specified the ports 7021-7050, clicked OK.  I then launched the application again, went through the procedure and disconnected.  I then went back to the location specified in the InfoCenter looking for the hostsim file and could not find it.

I have another customer where we may need to do this and I'm not sure that it will work.

Am I missing something or is this broken?