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Pinned topic How to submit a form in portlet

‏2013-08-15T08:58:40Z | portal portlet submission submit

the scenario is : I can open a form in portal, fill in some data, save a draft (with errors ) on server side, and then open it again, and complete the form, and submit it. (need data validation)

I have three buttons on form: cancelsave , submit.


1. what the type and URL for these three buttons ? ( In servlet, there is a servlet URL, but in portlet, there is no URL.)

2. how can I know that user want to save or want to submit ? (In WebFormPortletSample, there is a  "isReplaceAll" attribute, means submit the whole form, is there any other attribute in portlet form?

Is there any API or reference I can refer to ? )

3. If there are two pages in a form, when I open the form for the second time , can I skip Page 1, and directly go to Page 2?