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Pinned topic Ouncemake not creating project files for C/C++ applications

‏2014-01-13T20:27:39Z |

I have AppScan Source installed on Red Hat Linux.  I ran ouncemake on a helloworld project (see attachment) with the following command:

ouncemake -s -a helloworld -p ./OunceMakeProperties-Linux.xml

This is the output:

Using properties from 0x9879b60
Invoking clean command: make clean
rm -rf *.o helloworld helloworld.exe *~ *.core core
/usr/bin/make -e -i -f Makefile
cc -c main.c
cc -c hello.c
cc -c world.c
cc -o helloworld main.o hello.o world.o
Created Ounce application helloworld.paf in directory /home/reng/workspace/helloworld

No project files (*.paf or *.ppf) were generated.  The helloworld folder has write permission for everyone.  Any ideas as to what the problem might be?