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‏2013-07-26T18:56:32Z | file log

We're using soliddb 6.5.

Our configuration for transaction log filename, uses the form sol#####.log.

Currently, the last transaction log filename was sol92089.log. According to the Administrator Guide, if the number of log files exceed the maximum possible number, the server will throw an error and stop working.

Could it be reset and start over from sol00001.log again ?



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    Re: soliddb transaction log filename



    After the last digit in the log file name number sequence (e.g. sol99999.log) is reached, solidDB restarts the numbering from 0 (e.g. sol00000.log).

    If there is already a log file of the same name in the log directory, the following error is returned:

    10063, Database, Fatal Error, Cannot create new logfile file_name because such a file already exists in the log file directory.

    You could also modify the log file name template (Logging.FileNameTemplate parameter), but that requires a restart + you would need to rename all the existing log files to retain consistency.


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