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We have two questions about the network concept diagram, mainly to do with the links between devices:

1.       Can the links be classified between different types of Ethernet. Ie, FiberOptic (SX/FX), 1000BaseT, 100BaseT etc?  Can these be represented with different colours or labels on the resulting diagram?

2.       Can the end points of each link be given a unique label?  e.g.  A link between a router and a switch…on the router end the cable is plugged in Ga0/1 and on the switch end the cable is plugged into Fa01/24.  We would like to be able to tag this information in the database, and have it show up in a resulting network diagram.  Attached you can find the example.

Also, what is the recommended approach handling Patch Panels between rooms/buildings?

I guess the basis for our questions is in moving from a "Network Concept Diagram" to actual documenting the physical connections of the network.


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    What does the Fa and Ga stand for?  I am assuming that they are jacks/ports, but I am just not familiar with that prefix.  They probably could be assigned different colors based on their classification (via the analyzer function or by custom macro).  I would think you can have special tags on these diagrams much like the cardinality/ordinality on relational database diagrams, though I havent yet tried it myself.   You may want to develop a special type of patch-panel diagram as you start to go from a high-level Logical Network Concept to a  detailed Physical Network diagram.