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Hi, my first time in this forum. Seeking guidance.

I see in the IBM Support Assistant (ISA) V5.0 Team Server BETA 3 install doc the recommendation to install IBM Installation Manager (IIM) v1.5.2 or greater in non-admin mode. I believe IIM is currently installed on my Windows 7 PC in admin mode, as I get a pop-up when starting IIM that states "The requested operation requires elevation", then the IIM initialization ends.

My local LAN security policies require admin staff to install software on my PC, I am not authorized to install software. IIM v1.5.3 was only installed onto my PC so the WCT v8.0 tool could be installed. At the present time I have IIM v1.5.3 and the WCT v8.0 software installed via IIM as thus:

IBM® Installation Manager Version 1.5.3 (1.5.3000.20120531_1954)
Installation Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse

Shared Resource Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\IMShared

Package Group Name: WebSphere Customization Toolbox V8.0
Package Group Installation Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\WebSphere\Toolbox
Package Group Eclipse IDE: C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\WebSphere\Toolbox
Package Group Translations: en
Package Group Architecture: 32-bit

Must I now have IIM v1.5.3 and WCT v8.0 uninstalled from my W7 PC, then reinstall IIM v1.5.3 in non-admin mode, so I don't need to have administrator credentials to use ISA V5.0 BETA 3? I do not recall there being a non-admin requirement/recommendation for IIM when having the WCT v8.0 software installed onto my PC. 

See for IIM install recommendations.

Excerpts from the above IIM install doc:

**Note:There are two methods for installing Installation Manager ( as administrator or non-administrator). IBM recommends installing IBM Installation Manager as non-administrator for the purposes of installing IBM Support Assistant.

IBM recommends installing in nonadministrator mode. Note that if you install in administrator mode, then ISA must always be started with the same administrator credentials).


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    Re: Installation guidance


    You can use your existing Installation Manager which was installed with admin credentials and install IBM Support Assistant 5 Beta 3 with the same IIM.

    With that, you will always have to start/stop IBM Support Assistant 5 Beta 3 with administrator credentials.


    Hope that helps.