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Pinned topic MX 7.5 - Problem with building Maximo (buildmaximoear)

‏2013-07-08T12:35:37Z | 7.5.x building maximo


I am wondering why the file maximo.ear ist growing after use of buildmaximoear (every time it's getting bigger by approx. 8MB), although nothing has changed ... Nothing has changed? Well, that's true of all source files but every buildmaximoear creates a new directory dojo directory with timestamp of creation (under <instDir>\SMP\maximo\applications\maximo\maximouiweb\webmodule\webclient\javascript) with size 20-30MB. Is it possible to prevent the creation of a new directory with every build process? Otherwise maximo.ear will get bigger and bigger with every build. (Anothe question: What ist this directory for?)

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    Re: MX 7.5 - Problem with building Maximo (buildmaximoear)


    Know Issue




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    Re: MX 7.5 - Problem with building Maximo (buildmaximoear)

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    As Freshh mentioned, this is a known issue. As for what this is for, IBM uses Dojo (which is a JavaScript library) for a lot of different functionality across Maximo like the Rich Text Editor that exists in 7.5 and the Date Time picker control as well. The move to a JavaScript library makes Maximo much more efficient as in the past, a lot of things had to go to the server which made it take longer (even the date time picker control). JavaScript takes advantage of the user's local computer and can be much faster for processing and displaying certain pieces of information. Using a framework like Dojo isn't technically necessary but it allows them to develop solutions faster and take advantage of enhancements added to that code over time.