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Pinned topic i cant install v10.5fp1_winx64_expc in windows 7

‏2014-03-07T04:29:49Z |

Hi 2 all!!

i don't know what to do..!

I start downloaded DB2 Express_C and ran the v10.5fp1_winx64_expc  then  i click Unzip file when it appears to be extracted.

The setup.exe appeared blank, and when i ran again the v10.5fp1_winx64_expc installer, i click run Zip and its not responding...

Please help me.


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    Re: i cant install v10.5fp1_winx64_expc in windows 7



    I'm having the same problem, except that when i try to run setup.exe a little window pops up offering me to open or save the main.html file, which appears to be blank too. and when clicking the zip file again it just doesn't respond in any way. I hope someone can help! up until now i haven't found the similar problem, so i hope there is a solution to it...

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    Re: i cant install v10.5fp1_winx64_expc in windows 7


    You can try to delete the zipped file from your temp folder and try again, while doing so there would be an option while unzipping to execute the .exe file, check the box and continue, it should work