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Pinned topic Tracking Is List variable in Process Desinger & access array of objects in event in Business Monitor

‏2014-06-18T10:37:38Z | bpm businessmonitor businessspace islist processdesigner trackvariable



The case is I wanted to track list variables. Since PD does not allow us to track list variables. I want to know any alternate available for it.

I know where the data is coming from and rest of the information is irrelevant. In short I have data in BPM and I want an alternate for tracking Is List. I want to use same functionality which a tracked variable does. You mean to say alot of ways to get array (Is List) data in Monitor?


Normally with static variables, data is displayed in IBM Business Monitor. I am able to track single entity variables from IBM Process Designer but I can't find way to get array variables (Is List) data into Business Monitor.

I tried to create custom inbound event in monitor model which should fetch array data and assign it to the metrics but it ended up showing errors. 

Seeing the type of metric, it only allow us to have string, integer, boolean, date, datetime, duration, time, decimal but not array.


Is the alternate to track Is List variables in PD and Business Monitor can handle array data ?