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‏2013-09-02T17:09:01Z | file magic


I created a new type called COPY for the binary file jar and did everything I need to do to make it work with CC fat client. I did all this on one single Windows server with CC, CM server, CC fat client, CCRC.

1. create a new type COPY.

2. create a new magic file, and MAGIC_PATH pointing to the new magic file

It works fine with CC fat client, then when I run test from CCRC, it works as well without doing extra steps, is this right? Then I tried on another machine with CCRC but no MAGIC_PATH defined, it works as well. I am surprised. 

No extra work required to make a new type work with CCRC? How does CCRC know where is the magic file? The MAGIC_PATH defined on CM server?

I am on CC 7.1.1 with CM server and eclipse 3.4.2 with CCRC.



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    Re: Magic file in CM server?


    Jirong - yes, for CCRC the remote clients will make use of the type manager on the server and use the magic file referenced on the server. So as long as it is working there it should be working for remote clients that are simply submitting requests to the web server.