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Tony Narduzzi
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Pinned topic Scheduled maintenance work for Storage Insights on October 20 and October 21 2018

‏2018-10-15T17:43:43Z |

Dear Storage Insights customers,
To complete maintenance work and improve the service offering, access to your instance of IBM® Storage Insights will be temporarily unavailable, depending on your location, on October 20 2018 or October 21 2018.

Maintenance times    · Eastern Standard Time (EST) from 22:00 October 20 to 04:00 October 21
    · Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) from 03:00 to 09:00 October 21
    · Central European Time (CET) from 04:00 to 10:00 October 21
    · China Standard Time (CST) from 11:00 to 17:00 October 21

Duration    Max. 2 hours for each instance of Storage Insights

Impact    The upgrade of Storage Insights typically completes in 2 hours. During the upgrade, data collection for your monitored storage devices is paused and you won't be able to access Storage Insights. When the upgrade is completed, the data collection will resume and you will be able to access Storage Insights again.

Benefits    The following improvements will be available in your Storage Insights instance:
    1. Improved deletion logic for temporary files - An Out of Memory issue that resulted in core dumps and data collector crash has been resolved.  This is related to code that deletes the temporary performance and test connection files created by the data collector.
    2. Improved task management - An Out of Memory issue caused by Java tasks not getting removed from the timer queue has been resolved.
    3. Data collection log uploads - inability to upload log files when Data collectors deployed via proxy has been corrected
    4. Improvements in communication between data collector and IBM Cloud.

Action required    When you log in to Storage Insights, you will be notified that an upgrade for the Data Collector is available. To benefit from the new features that were added and from the other improvements that were made, upgrade the Data Collector.

If you have any questions about the planned maintenance work, please reply to the related forum thread.
Storage Insights DevOps

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